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Five Alive September 2014

As I write this we are half way through our summer holidays and feeling nicely relaxed. What a lovely summer we’re having, I suspect there will be plenty of “news” to report when we return!


The summer term ended with many memorable events, including a highly competitive Sports Week, Red, White and Blue French Day, and Thanksgiving Service with Birthday Party lunch to celebrate being 150 years old. As always it was very sad saying goodbye to our lovely Year 5 leavers on the last day of term but they did us proud with their Leaving Presentation which saw many a parent reaching for their packet of tissues! We wish them much happiness and success in the future and are expecting great things!


September sees re-organisation at Cropthorne as we welcome Katy Hughes, our new Reception teacher to the team. Katy, together with Michelle Annis, her fantastic TA have been very busy during the summer making the room their own and they are feeling very excited about the year ahead. To start the year, role play is a ‘home corner’. We are incredibly well resourced furniture-wise but lack the small items children love (vacuums, brooms, dust pans, irons etc, etc…) If there any of you having a sort out at home and wanting to find a good home for such small items please think of us. Likewise, Lego and other construction toys…


We have got an excellent PFTA at Cropthorne who have put on some great fund raising events over the last couple of years. We have now got over £8000 to invest in a Pirate Ship for the playground to commemorate our 150th birthday. This will cause much excitement in school and our heart-felt thanks go to our dedicated and enthusiastic parents who have enabled us to invest in so many extras to enhance our children’s education.