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Develop the key skills needed in a rapidly changing technological world

Become equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to stay safe in a digital world

Use a range of software and hardware.




E Safety is given the highest priority at Cropthorne. Children are regularly given the opportunity to learn and reflect upon strategies to keep themselves safe online and how they can contribute responsibly to making the internet a safer and better place. Children are provided the opportunity to apply their computing skills across other subjects, for example: researching in History, presenting information in Science, using games to challenge their Mathematics skills, to use software to create in Art and Design. Children are taught coding in discrete sessions following a clear progression model for each school year.




Children become increasingly proficient at using a range of hardware and software available at school, and they are able to successfully transfer this knowledge and these skills when they encounter new technology or applications. They are able to keep themselves safe online and understand their own responsibilities when interacting with others online, which they are able to apply to help make the internet a safe and positive space.