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Our aim at Cropthorne is to:  

  • engage the children in musical knowledge, appreciation and understanding  

  • inspire a love of music which the children can enjoy for their lives  

  • develop the children’s confidence to critically listen, compose and perform music across a diverse range of traditions  

  • develop their own agency over their personal creativity and musical appreciation 




Our implementation of music at Cropthorne is currently under review, and the subject leader  is trialling the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum 2021 with the expectation that this will be rolled out across the school. This should provide a clearly sequenced and ambitious approach to music teaching. Some aspects of our current music teaching include: 

  • all children are taught singing in weekly whole-school practices 

  • children in KS2 learn an instrument (recorder, ukulele and clarinet) under the tuition of an external music specialist

  • all children take part in our whole-school performance in the Spring term where music, art and drama combine  




Children leave Cropthorne with a lively understanding of musical traditions and a considered belief in their own musical tastes and style. They will have been introduced to the best of the musical canon and had opportunities to learn instruments and perform with their peers. They will leave our school inspired to continue their individual musical journey with independence and confidence.