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Cropthorne with Charlton is a Church of England school. A whole school assembly takes place at the beginning of each day. Worship helps us to become aware that there is something bigger and greater than we are. It helps us make sense of our experiences.


It shows us how to respond meaningfully to moments of beauty, truth, honesty, mystery, love, hope, trust, celebration and much more.


During our collective worship we reflect upon a range of life experiences in a spiritual way. Central to our assemblies is a concentration on our school Values. In different assemblies we reflect on:


• The teachings and life of Jesus and its application to that value

• The wonders of God’s creation

• The stories and teachings of the Bible (Old and New Testaments)

• The life and practice of the Christian Church and its members

• The lives of significant Christians and other famous people who set examples

• The stories and teaching of their faiths

• Our own achievements

• Problems and difficulties which human beings face and the way we find strength to cope with them

• The interdependence of human beings in society, the environment and the world

• The store of wisdom contained in story, fable, myth and legend.


Our reflections are supported by carefully chosen words, music and visual stimuli.


Worship is led by staff, children, visitors and the warden of Holland House. Every week some lovely ladies from the community present an ‘Open the Book’ assembly illustrating different bible stories and including the dramatic participation of our pupils. At different times we use our local church and the chapel at Holland House for acts of worship.


Achievements: Each Friday we hold our ‘Gold Book’ assembly. Children’s work during the week is celebrated and their names entered in a special book. Each class teacher nominates their own ’Star Worker’ of the Week’ from each year group, who receives an invitation to ‘tea and cake’ with the headteacher at the end of the day.