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Geography & Sustainability



Our geography teaching aims to:  

  • inspire a lifelong engagement with the world, near and far, through a deep understanding of its people and places  

  • nurture the children’s connection to their planet through learning about its processes and human influence, leaving them inspired and ready to contribute as a global citizen in a diverse world  

  • imagine a better future for the planet’s places and people   

  • encourage active participation in sustainability efforts to combat climate change and the biodiversity crisis  




Geography is embedded in our curriculum at Cropthorne and planning is informed by the National Curriculum. Geography is taught discretely, such as lessons about the continents, but it is also taught as part of the wider curriculum, crossing into other subject areas such as art, reading and history. Geographical vocabulary is introduced and used in every lesson.  




Children leave Cropthorne with a thoughtful and considered understanding of each continent, and the planet’s most significant human and physical features. They understand the interdependency of life on earth and they have had lots of practice at collecting, analysing, interpreting and communicating geographical concepts. The geographical foundation which they gain from Cropthorne will be important throughout their lives.