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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher - Mr. Rob Bothma
Office Manager - Mrs. Jane Evans
Office Administrator - Mrs Kate Burston
Cats Class Teacher (Year R/1) - Miss Katy Hughes
TA &  Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs. Abbi Denney
TA &  Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs. Wendy Harrington
Chimps Class Teacher (Year 2) - Mrs. Helen Komor
Chimps Teaching Assistant - Mrs Shelia Castle
 TA & Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Ann-MarieFreeman
Cockatoos Class Teacher (Yr 3) Mrs. Frances Jones
TA, Forest SL & Lunch Sup. - Mrs. Michelle Annis
TA & Children's Lunch Supervisor - Mr. Guy Ramus
Chameleons Class Teacher (Y4 & Y5) - Mrs. Sharon Hunt
TA & Modern Foreign Languages  - Mrs. Sue Brown
Forest School Leader - Mrs. Karen Mason-Smythe
Cleaner in Charge - Mrs. Rose Groom