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French (MFL)

MFL Statements 



  • Children will develop a love of language learning and a positive attitude to learning about different countries and their cultures and hence expand their intercultural understanding. 

  • They will build a broad vocabulary through a variety of language learning strategies and will use their knowledge and understanding of MFL to make connections with and enhance their English reading and writing. 

  • They will develop a basis for further language learning from Year 6 onwards.  



  • Vocabulary is introduced verbally alongside pictures and objects before the written format of the word, so ensuring a use of French phonics. 

  • French songs and then games are used to practise listening skills and to demonstrate understanding and enable assessment. 

  • Grammar is taught alongside vocabulary as applicable and links are made with English. 



  • Children will become confident and enthusiastic language learners. 

  • They will use their French phonics knowledge to say and write French words and phrases. 

  • They will make links between taught vocabulary topics and other areas of the curriculum. 

  • They will have a greater intercultural understanding of some other countries and their customs.