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“Inspiring Learning for Life”


Cropthorne with Charlton CE First School Curriculum Statement


“A good school is a place that is caring, where children and staff are valued, where there are high expectations and lots of praise and encouragement for both teachers and children. It’s a peaceful, clean, orderly place, cheerful and welcoming where there is respect for and tolerance of others, where the curriculum is wide and challenging and tailored to individual needs. It’s a school where there are high standards, self- motivated pupils and plenty of enjoyment and laughter.  Children learn better when they are happy and secure. They should not be deprived of all pleasure, playfulness and creativity.”


“Caring, Challenging and Creative with the Child always at its Centre” is our aim for learning at Cropthorne. We believe that the curriculum should help all pupils to:


  • Develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Be equipped with skills to fully participate in our ever changing world
  • Be respectful and productive members of the community
  • Have high expectations and self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential
  • Develop self-reliance and the ability to learn independently
  • Persevere and learn from their mistakes
  • Develop an understanding and respect for themselves and the environment
  • Have the courage and confidence to take calculated risks.


Subject coverage is based on the 2014 National Curriculum but in order to facilitate the above and to promote and develop a love for learning we use a creative and thematic approach, enhanced by extra-curricular activities.


(Use links to view NC coverage and our aims for a ‘wider’ curriculum’)

To deliver the curriculum, staff employ a variety of teaching methods and styles. Pupils are taught as a whole class, in small groups and as individuals depending on learning objectives. They are grouped by ability, friendship, interest, age or mixed-ability. ‘Learning Partners’ are used in every classroom and changed frequently.


You can find out more about current curriculum content by linking to the termly class letters which give a detailed overview of current coverage.