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Further support for parents of children with SEND during Covid-19

We know that our ability to support our children with Special Educational Needs has been severely impacted by Covid-19. We hope that the steps and links below will help you find support which may aid you during this difficult time. 


Fill in a form on the Starting Well ( or Here2Help ( websites or ring them. You will be able to arrange a one-off advice session about your child’s behaviour, anxiety and emotional wellbeing.


Visit the Speech and Language COVID-19 webpage ( for lots of up to date social stories, visual timetables and resources to help with your child’s anxiety.

More resources and advice are available at ( and on Facebook, Instagram (search for ‘Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy’) and Twitter (SLT_worcs).
You can also email and a member of the team will arrange a time to give you specific advice about your child’s behaviour, communication or anxiety.

Contact your child’s School Health Nurse (through the school) or Special School Nurse (at

Contact a professional who is working with you already such as a Community Paediatrician, CAMHS/LD CAMHS worker or Speech and Language Therapist.