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Develop a love of reading

Read widely with fluency and understanding

Talk knowledgeably about reading material

Read for pleasure and information

Use phonics knowledge as building blocks to develop fluency and comprehension



 Become confident and enthusiastic writers across a range of genres

Develop an appreciation of audience and writing for purpose

Underpin writing skills with a secure knowledge of spellings, punctuation and grammar

Take pride in handwriting and presentation

Use the knowledge, understanding and vocabulary developed through reading to make connections and enhance writing




We incorporate the key requirements of the National Curriculum including spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading.

Reading - through the use of Accelerated Reader and guided/shared reading sessions. Daily individual reading practice through daily independent reading and listening to readers. Little Wandle is used for phonetic teaching.

Spelling – National Curriculum statutory requirements following from Y1 to Y5, supplemented by Spelling Frame.

Writing – highly quality texts and examples of writing are used alongside planned grammar and punctuation.




By the end of Key Stage 2, be able to:

 Be confident and enthusiastic communicators through their reading and writing.

Use phonic knowledge to decode text and spell with increasing accuracy.

Display a love of reading.

Have and apply a secure knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Take pride in the presentation of their work.