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A Warm welcome to the Autumn Term

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after the long summer break. It was lovely to see the children skip into school last week looking smart and enthusiastic. Long may it continue!


As always there is a very busy term ahead. The 2014 curriculum requires primary school children to have an understanding of the chronology of English history. As well as studying this in classrooms we thought it would be lovely to compile another school calendar depicting different periods of time. He is coming on Wednesday 7th October and we would like you to supply a suitable outfit.  What that is depends on your child’s birthday month:


January                                 Stone Age (prehistoric)

February                               Romans

March                                    Vikings

April                                       Crusades (knights and maidens)

May                                        Tudors

June                                       Stuarts (Civil War – Roundheads and Cavaliers)

July                                        Georgian

August                                     Victorian

September                             1920’s

October                                 1940’s

November                              1960’s

December                              Present day


Have fun!

As the term progresses our thoughts turn to a multi-cultural study centring on India and we are organising different visits/ visitors to school (see attached list of dates). This is always a very colourful, interesting study which ticks off much of the geography, arts and RE curriculum. If you have any interesting artefacts, photos or stories you would like to share, let us know!


As you know we at Cropthorne are committed to providing an enhanced curriculum for your children but in the present economic climate we are dependent on your voluntary contributions of £25 a term. In addition in future we will be asking for the cost of theatre and other major trips out. We do ask for your support with this. Without it we will have to drastically re-think our policy.


I look forward to another exciting action-packed year at Cropthorne and to watching your lovely children continue to blossom and mature. As always, my door is open if there is anything you would like to discuss.


Yours Sincerely

Sally Martin