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A Warm welcome to the Summer Term

Dear Parents,


A warm welcome back at the start of this summer term, and how lovely to actually describe it as “warm”! I hope that you have had a great Easter and are now looking forward to the long summer months ahead.


We had a great end to the term. All left buzzing but not keen to repeat our night in Spooksville!! Thank you all for your support; it was lovely to hear your appreciative comments but most importantly to experience the excitement in the children and watch how their confidence built as the term went on.


Of course we are now looking forward to the summer term ahead and a list of dates will follow shortly. In a few weeks we will welcome the beginning of May and the annual Cropthorne Walkabout. This is always a great fund raiser for the village and also for the school, with the added bonus that it isn’t always the same few dipping their hands in their pockets! Please lend your support in whatever way you can to the PTA that weekend. It makes a lot of difference.


Talking about fundraising, we are delighted with the transformation of the former PE shed (peer through the window and take a look!) and are now looking forward to the transference of charity funds to complete the building. It will enhance our intervention strategies and music teaching in the future and should prove invaluable.


As you know I am moving to a 0.8 contract this term. I am confident that this will work well due to the fantastic calibre of the team that is Cropthorne! If I am out Mrs Frances Jones remains in charge but as you know all members of staff operate an ‘Open Door’ policy. Rest assured that I am always around if you need me!


Cropthorne is a lovely place to learn and work and that is due to the absolute commitment that all stakeholders, including our brilliant board of governors give to it. I am very proud to remain at its helm. Let’s have a fabulous summer!