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Five Alive December 2015

The days are getting shorter and the weather is rather damp and gloomy so it was lovely to celebrate our multi-cultural Indian week, immersed in the colour, music and vitality of our study.
Our week began with a visit from Shaheen, a Muslim artist who taught the children about mendhi (hand painting), the importance of elephants in Indian art and the use of pattern and symmetry. We were inspired by some beautiful Indian material which led us to create our own patterns and designs. We filled pages of our sketch books with intricate paisley designs, peacock feathers and repeating patterns. We also made some Indian inspired flowers from specially painted paper which we used to assemble the flowers, drawing on our symmetrical knowledge.
Monday also saw most of the school digging into a delicious Indian lunch supplied by Pershore high School. Curries, samosas and nan bread all much appreciated!


On Tuesday, the children were treated to a Hinduism workshop presented by Krisna a lovely, gentle Indian teacher. During this workshop all the children in the school were lucky enough to hear and see many Indian tales brought to life by traditional storytelling and puppets. The highlight of the day was dressing in traditional saris and prayer shawls and dancing to traditional Indian music. The whole hall was full of different artefacts, books and costumes allowing us to become fully immersed in the Hindu culture. All children were taught about beliefs and traditions which stood our oldest children in good stead when they visited the Wolverhampton Mandir and Gudwara the following day. The teachers felt very proud as all the temple guides commented on the level and depth of questions and knowledge of the children. They also praised their exemplary behaviour and level of respect.
On Thursday we welcomed our old friend Jag into school and its walls reverberated to the sound of the huge dohl drum and the children (and staff) enjoying a Banghra dancing workshop. Jag dressed in his traditional Sikh costume and taught the children how the dance traditionally celebrated bringing in the harvest in the Punjab.
Friday saw a complete change of scene as all members of school arrived dressed as super-heroes! All staff had been busy baking cakes the night before and competition was fierce as they fought over who’s would be sold first (Mrs Hunt won…just!) Altogether, £231 was raised for Children in Need, a great effort which concluded a highly exciting school week.
We now look forward to celebrating the Christian Christmas festival with our traditional Nativity and Carol Service. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year from all at Cropthorne!