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Five Alive February 2016

2015 at school concluded with a beautiful Carol Service in church led by Sarah and Graham Pharo which was enjoyed by all who attended, putting us in a joyous mood for the festivities ahead. Many thanks to both of them.


Now 2016 is truly upon us and we are currently into the second week of a very busy and short half term. Our first day started with a bang as we welcomed our old friend Antony Reddy, genius maths consultant back into school. It was lovely for us all to watch an expert in action and pick up new ideas. Anthony concluded his day with a session for parents who took home many ideas how to help their children in a fun and enjoyable way.


This term’s theme is Enchanted Worlds sparked by our visit to Birmingham to watch the superb production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. As a result children were already enthused when informed that this year’s No 8 production will be The Wizard of Oz. School is presently buzzing as auditions take place and scripts given out.  The excitement that is generated particularly for the older children who know it is their turn for the main parts is palpable. Consequently huge effort is made to learn lines and showcase acting, dancing and singing potential and casting is very difficult!


To whet the children’s appetites even further this term Y4/5 children are attending a Midsummer Night’s Dream workshop at the RSC, Y3’s are researching Mysterious Landscapes through art at Compton Verney, Y1/2 children are off to Bishops Wood exploring life on a desert island and Reception to Hartlebury to experience life downstairs in Victorian  times, Cinderella style!


Our production dates are: March 16th @ 1.30

March 17th @ 7.00

Tickets cost £8.00 per adult, £5.00 per child. All welcome!