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Five Alive November 2015

On Wednesday 30th September Chameleons class  (Year 4 and 5 ) visited Skill Zone in Gloucester, a fully interactive learning environment to teach children how to recognise a range of dangerous situations – from road safety to fire safety , so they can stay safe. We have all written about the different areas of safety that were covered in the morning.


Fire safety – “In Skill Zone there was a fire area. My group leader told us about what we should do if there was a fire in a room. She told us never to open the door because the fire would spread but if you don’t know that there is a fire touch the door with the back of your hand. After that she showed us a room that had a fire in it three years ago.”

Adrian K


Train safety – “There was a train at the level crossing section, we saw some scary videos of silly people dashing and driving across train tracks when a train was coming, it frightened us. When we came out of the train we walked to the train track. Our leader took us to watch a pretend train coming down a track and when it had passed and the lights stopped we went through some white gates at a medium pace.”

Ellie C


Staying safe on a bus – “We learnt about being safe when travelling on a bus. You must tell the driver if someone is being mean to you. Also hold on to the stair railings so that you don’t fall. Do not get off at the wrong stop. Finally do not sit near the back because a bad person could trap you.”

Francesca A.


House safety – “In the kitchen at Skill Zone there were dangerous things like a slippery floor, knives in the toaster and hot cups of tea but what I thought was really dangerous was raw chicken left on the side. After the kitchen we went into the lounge. On the floor there were little pieces of lego that your baby brother could choke on. Candles on the tables were also a danger.”

William H


Road safety – “At skill zone there was a road and car safety section that our group went to first. It was quite a fun zone and I loved the bit where we all touched a vibrating spot to help us cross the road, it tickled! We watched a video of a car a few times and then had to guess where the car was going to stop. We would have all been run over as it was a long way. Then we went into a blue car and had a safety talk.”

Tayler M.


Reminder: School Open Morning, Friday 20th November, 10.00 – 12.00. All welcome, come and see our lovely school in action.