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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Dear Parents,

Year 5 have now joined Reception, Year 1, and the children of Key Workers in school this week. We, like many of you, are disappointed that we are not able to admit more pupils more regularly. The percentage of pupils attending Cropthorne far exceeds the national average and we are grateful that our families have demonstrated the confidence in us to create a welcoming and familiar environment, which is compliant with the required safety standards outlined by the Department of Education. We must also stress that we fully respect the decision of those parents who do not wish to return their children to school just yet, everyone’s circumstances are different and we understand this.

It is our intention to open full time to every child in every year group in September. The Department of Education shares this aim and we are expecting guidance to support us in achieving this soon. If we are permitted to do so, parents may send their child in part time initially as some children may take time to adjust after such a long time away from school. If we are permitted to so, we would like to offer breakfast and after school provision in the same fashion as we have done previously.

We know this year we are later than normal in announcing our class structure for September, we also know you will understand why. You will also understand, all the arrangements outlined below are subject to any local or national safety measures the school needs to implement to continue to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Classroom Arrangements for 2020/21

Cats Class: Miss Hughes will be remaining in her current classroom for next year with Reception & Year 1. Miss Hughes will continue to be supported by Mrs Denney & Mrs Harrington.

Chimps Class: Mrs Komor will be teaching Year 2 and will be moving to the classroom which was this year home to Mrs Hunt and Year 5. Mrs Komor will be supported by Mrs Castle.

Cockatoos Class: Mrs Jones will be teaching Year 3 and remain in her current classroom. Mrs Jones will be supported by Mrs Freeman & Mr Ramus.

Chameleons Class: Mrs Hunt will be teaching Years 4&5, and will be moving to the classroom which this year was used by Mrs Komor and Years 2&3. Mrs Hunt will be supported by Mrs Brown & Mrs Annis.

Your child’s class teacher for the next school year will also be writing to you today. Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming year please feel free to email your child’s new teacher via our homelearning email addresses, or the office email address so they can be passed on. They will reply as soon as they can, and will be very happy to help with any queries they are able to answer. However, we do ask for your understanding if we cannot answer questions which we normally would be able to, due to the current situation.

As previously stated, we know that transition cannot be the same this year for obvious reasons, and we are working on ways to mitigate the effect of this. Although children will not experience transition in the same way, information passed on to new teachers will be as detailed and comprehensive as ever. We also wanted to remind you that if your child is not in school prior to the end of the academic year, your child’s current class teacher will try to contact you in order to discuss transition with your child. We are also continuing to explore ways to support transitions in a different way. All this, of course, is subject to any future guidance on what schools need to do next.


End of Year Reports


You will receive your child’s end of year report at the end of this week. The Department of Education has reduced the expectation of what should be included in children’s reports due to the current situation. However, at Cropthorne we have aimed to keep our reports as close as possible to the format of previous years and we hope that you will find them both informative and a celebration of your child’s achievements up to the point that our academic year was disrupted in a way not experienced since the Second World War. In line with Department of Education guidance, reports will be issued electronically this academic year, and we imagine that as a result of many parents being unable to send their children to school as they normally would, attendance is not required to be reported upon this year. If you wish to discuss your child’s report with their class teacher, please email the office to request a telephone appointment. We normally offer face to face meetings if requested but unfortunately this year we are unable to do so.

Years 2, 3 & 4


The school currently has no more capacity to invite additional year groups back due to all available staff and space being used to provide provision for the children currently in school. However, as Reception & Year 1 will only attend part-time during the final week of term, so they can spend some time with Miss Hughes, it is our intention to invite children who are in Mrs Komor’s and Mrs Jones’ classes this year, to attend for one day each during the final week, if we are able to do so. This will give the children and staff the chance to mark the end of their time together and help provide some emotional closure. They will be taught in Mrs Jones’ classroom and the classroom will be deep cleaned and prepared for the next year group in the intervening days.


Year 2 will be invited to attend on Monday 13th July

Year 3 will be invited to attend on Wednesday 15th July

Year 4 will be invited to attend on Friday 17th July


They will be able to attend school from 9.45am-2.45pm in line with our staggered arrival and collection protocols and the children of Key Workers who are currently in school will also need to attend at these times, if they wish to attend with their year group.  Children should arrive in clothing suitable for outdoor sports activity as much of our time in school is now spent outside when we can be. Children should bring a packed lunch and a drink, but avoid bringing anything else – e.g. toys or stationery, in line with our safety procedures. Again, we understand if some parents are unable to send their children in on these days. We will confirm these plans in due course.


Whatever things look like in September, we know as you do, it will be far from a normal start to a new school year, but one thing is still absolutely certain, we will continue to work together to make school the best possible place it can be for our children.


Thank you for your continued patience and ongoing support,


Rob Bothma