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Multi-Academy Trust Press Release

We are continuing to work towards forming a Multi-Academy Trust with 6 other schools in the area. The intention is for the MAT to contain 7 schools:


Ashton under Hill First School

Church Lench CE First School

Cropthorne with Charlton CE First School

Eckington CE First School

St Andrew’s CE First School

St Egwin’s Middle School

Prince Henry’s High School


Schools in the Evesham area, Worcestershire and nationally are all having to exist in an ever-changing educational system and are continuing to face increasing educational and financial challenges, coupled with the decline of Local Authorities. The schools within the Prince Henry’s pyramid are in the fortunate situation of all being rated Outstanding or Good by Ofsted and despite the difficulties faced, continue to provide top quality education to the children in our care. The desire to preserve the pyramid in its current form and retain the relationships between the schools has driven the creation of the MAT from the beginning. The additional freedom and flexibility granted by Academy status whilst preserving strong local governance and the individual ethos and values of Cropthorne with Charlton School are also key factors.


With these reasons in mind, the Governors of Cropthorne with Charlton School held a consultation with staff and parents which informed their decision to apply to convert to Academy and join the MAT. The work to enable conversion will complete this year with the establishment of The Prince Henry’s Multi-Academy Trust of which Cropthorne with Charlton School will be part.


In terms of the process of applying for schools and the route children take through various schools to the end of their school education very little will change but working even more closely together will enable the educational experience of children in the MAT schools to be enhanced.


We believe Academy conversion is in the best interest of the long term future of our school, offering the best opportunity to our pupils to progress and achieve.