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September Arrangements FAQs

September 2020 Arrangements FAQs


As we prepare for a full time return to school in September everyone is aware things will need to run differently due to the increased safety measures we are required to have in place. Please see below for what we hope is an informative guide about how some aspects of school will be operating in September.


When will school reopen for the Autumn Term? Cropthorne with Charlton CE First School has been working with the Local Authority over the summer break towards reopening for all pupils. This work is still ongoing but we expect that school will be open from Wednesday 2nd September.


Will the school day start and end times be as usual? Yes. We are avoiding the need for staggered starts by using three separate entrances to the site. School will be open from 8.40am until 3pm each day. Pupils should arrive no later than 8.50am.


Which entrance should my child use? Different classes will need to use different entrances, children with siblings in other classes may enter via the same route.


Mrs Hunt’s Chameleons Class will use the side gate at the front of the school on the left of the car park – this was a previously unused access point to the school.


Miss Hughes’ Cats Class will use the front side gate on the right hand side of the car park.


Mrs Jones’ Cockatoos Class and Mrs Komor’s Chimps Class will access via the back gate which links onto the Lower Croft accessed from Middle Lane. We kindly ask that all parents observe social distancing if waiting for school to open. Parents should leave as soon as children have been passed to the teachers. Please do not congregate around the school either before or after drop off. It is vital that children arrive on time. Similarly, when collecting your child, please arrive in the same area and observe social distancing. Children will be brought out to you by their class teacher, siblings will be dismissed via the same way they entered school.  If you have children in more than one class, it would help if you are able to use the same entrance/exit consistently so children and staff become used to where you will be collecting or dropping off. When your child returns to you, please leave the area around the school premises as swiftly as possible. If teachers have anything to communicate with you about your child’s day at school, they will telephone you. Please ensure this information is shared with any relatives who are collecting your child.


Will I be able to drop off my child in their classroom? Unfortunately, no. It is a condition of opening that parents will not be able to enter the school site at drop off or collection. Teachers will be available to answer brief queries but for longer queries or if you have information to share with your child’ class teacher, please do so via the office email address so we can ensure any information can be passed on promptly.


What do I do if my child is unwell or displaying the symptoms of coronavirus? Children and staff must not attend school if they are unwell. If any child or staff member, or someone in their household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus, they should self-isolate and follow government guidance here.


Do I have to send my child to school? DFE guidance indicates most children should now attend school. As ever, at Cropthorne we will continue work closely with our families to support them, and try to address any concerns so children can attend school.


What happens if I have a message or information for the teacher? Essential messages and information for teachers, that have a bearing on your child’s day, can be passed on at drop off points. Other more general messages should be communicated by email, in the usual way. When interacting with staff please observe social distancing and be mindful and considerate of other parents waiting to drop off and collect children. Communication from school will be via telephone or email.


What equipment will my child need? Children should bring a minimum amount of items into school with them. This will be limited to a lunchbox, for those that need it, a drinks bottle and snack. Children can now bring in their pencil cases, book-bags, reading books, reading journals or school bags. Please do not send toys or other items into school with children for the time being. This will be regularly reviewed.


Will my child need to wear their usual uniform? Yes. As most children were not in school during April and May we did not wish to place additional pressure on parents to purchase new uniform, and so we waived our uniform policy for June & July. Children should wear their full school uniform from September. Details on purchasing the correct uniform can be found here.


What are the lunchtime arrangements? Lunchtimes will be staggered to limit the number of children in contact with each other at this time. No hot lunches are currently available from our suppliers this term, although packed lunches are available to order from here. Children will eat their lunches in their classrooms.


Will a morning snack be provided? Initially no. All children should bring in a healthy snack for morning break from home. If your child is under 5 or you have pre-ordered milk this will be available. Please visit here should you wish to order milk for your child.


Will breakfast club and afterschool care be available? Initially no. We wish to get these back up and running as soon as we can and will inform parents as soon as we have any more information on when this may be.


What are the arrangements for pupils using the toilets? Children in different bubbles are able to share toilet facilities.


What other safety measures are in place? Children will be directed to wash their hands on arrival at school, before eating, after breaks and before leaving school each day. Soap and hot water is available in every toilet and classroom. Tissues will be available in all classrooms.  All frequently touched surfaces, equipment, door handles and toilets used during the day will be cleaned thoroughly each day. All staff and any visitors to school, should wash their hands upon arrival, although visitors to school will be kept to a minimum. There are lidded bins in all classrooms. We will maintain a plentiful supply of all cleaning materials. Children and adults will be encouraged to follow social distancing measures, but we know that primary age children will find this challenging to maintain. Ensure that sufficient handwashing facilities are available. Clean surfaces that children and young people are touching, such as toys, books, desks, chairs, doors, sinks, toilets and light switches more regularly than normal Ensure that lidded bins for tissues are emptied throughout the day Where possible, ensure spaces are well ventilated. Prop doors open, where safe to do so (bearing in mind fire safety and safeguarding), to limit use of door handles and aid ventilation Children will be reminded to and supported to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. Clean their hands on arrival at the setting, before and after eating, and after sneezing or coughing are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose. Use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’) ensure that help is available for children and young people who have trouble cleaning their hands independently. We will consider how to encourage young children to learn and practise these habits through games, songs and repetition.  Staff will clean areas in use throughout each day. Movement around school will be kept to a minimum. Children will largely stay in their own class base in their own bubble, with the same adults throughout the day.


Children will only leave their class base to go to the toilet or go outside. Will staff be wearing PPE or face coverings? No, the government has advised that it is unnecessary for staff to wear PPE of face coverings routinely in schools. If a child becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus whilst in school and needs direct personal care until they can return home, staff will wear PPE. This will include a fluid resistant facemask, disposable gloves and a disposable apron. If there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting or vomiting, then the attending member of staff will wear eye protection in the form of a face shield. School has stock of these items.


Can my child wear a face covering? No. Government guidance states that these are not recommended nor required in schools. Young children are unlikely to be able to manage the safe use and disposal of these items. We are unable to police children wearing them.


Will pupils be taught the National Curriculum? Yes, we will continue to offer a broad and engaging curriculum as closely as we can to previous years. Some aspects of PE, Music and practical tasks will be taught differently to comply with government guidance. We are working on adapting our curriculum and will continue to work with the Local Authority and other schools to do so to best support children following the disruption of recent months.


What will happen about assemblies? Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the whole school to gather for assemblies, this includes Achievement Assemblies. We are working on alternative arrangements.


Will behaviour be managed in the same way?  Class teachers will use strategies with which children are familiar to promote positive behaviour. An updated annex to our behaviour policy has been produced in line with DFE guidance. The school will use its best endeavours to support individuals attending school, but everyone’s safety is the priority.


Will I be able to meet with staff if necessary? External visitors to school will be kept to a minimum. Discussions with parents will take place over the telephone, in rare circumstances via video conferencing and in exceptional circumstances face to face meetings may be arranged but these will be limited.


Will we allow visitors and volunteers into school? Not initially, unless essential. We will review this frequently.


Will extra-curricular clubs run (football club, dance club etc)? No, not initially.


Will you continue to provide online home learning activities for children who do not return to school? As staff will be working with children in school every day, so there is no capacity to offer this at the moment.


Will there be any trips once school opens on September 2nd? No, not initially. Educational Visits will be under regular review and we will inform you if this changes.


What will happen if a child in the class shows symptoms? The child’s emergency contact will be made aware immediately and collection should occur as soon as possible. It is expected that everyone will follow government guidance for symptomatic individuals.


What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in school? We will follow guidance from local Public Health Teams and NHS Test Trace. It may be we are advised to enact a partial or full closure.


Where can I find more information about returning to school?  The Government information is provided here, outbreak/what-parents-and-carers-need-to-know-about-early-years-providers-schools-and-colleges-in-the-autumnterm


We have included as much information as we currently can here but if there is anything that else you wish to know please email us at Please also note that all information stated here will be regularly reviewed and updated to comply with any changes to Government, Local Authority and Public Health Guidance.