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Whole School Letter

Thursday 6th June 2019

Dear Parents,

It has been a really fantastic first few days back at school following the half-term break, especially for our youngest children who enjoyed an awe-inspiring visit to the circus on their first day back!

Number 8 Schools Showcase

Following on from an Art Workshop which Years 2 & 5 recently took part in, a number of our pupils had their artwork selected by a local artist for display at Number 8 in Pershore. Please do visit Number 8 from Thursday 27th June to Wednesday 17th July, from 10am - 4pm Mon - Sat (and most evenings when they have an event or film screening) to see if you can spot the artwork belonging to Emily A (Y2), Charlie, Jacob, Jessie, Millie and Chloe (Y5s). Well done to them all.

Sports Day

Sports Day will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 27th June, further details on specific arrangements and timings will follow in due course. Our Achievement Assembly on the following day will be a ‘Sports Day’ themed assembly, starting at 9am as normal. I am always delighted to see so many of our families attending school events to support all of the children in their fantastic achievements.


Thank you so much to the vast majority of our parents who ensure that children arrive in school by 8.50am every day. We understand that everyone can run late occasionally but please be aware that regularly arriving at school after this time can be disruptive to other children who are already organised for the day ahead and are ready to learn. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Weekly Class Letters

The Summer Term is always an extremely busy one with lots of events taking place throughout the school. These events are detailed on our weekly class letters which are available on the school website on our class pages: 

You will also find regular updates of activities children have recently taken part in here too.

Weekly class letters are also posted on our ‘Bulletin Board’ next to the entrance to Mrs Komor’s classroom and issued via email. If you find you are not receiving these emails please do pop in and see Mrs Evans, who will be happy to try to find out why this is.


Classroom Arrangements for 2019/20

Children have been very excited this week to find out who will be teaching them next year and which adults they will be working with. We are now pleased to be able to detail arrangements for the next academic year below:

Cats Class: Miss Hughes will be remaining in her current classroom for next year with Reception & Year 1. Mrs Denney, Mrs Harrington & Mrs Smythe will continue to work alongside Miss Hughes in Cats Class.

Chimps Class: Mrs Komor will be teaching Year 2 and Year 3, and will be moving to the classroom which is currently home to Mrs Hunt. Mrs Castle and Mrs Freeman will be working with this class next year.

Cockatoos Class: Mrs Jones will be remaining in her current classroom for next year with Year 4, supported by Mrs Annis and Mr Ramus.

Chameleons Class: Mrs Hunt and her Year 5 class will be moving to the classroom which is currently used by Mrs Komor and Year 2. Mrs Brown will remain with our oldest pupils.

Children will be fully prepared for their move ‘up’ the school and will spend the some of their day in their new classroom on their transition day on Wednesday 3rd July so they will be more familiar with where they are heading next year. This date also coincides with the Year 5 transition day to their Middle Schools, letters detailing all arrangements will be issued directly from the Middle Schools prior to this date. We are also looking forward to welcoming our new Reception children for the final day of their transition programme before they join us in September. Please look out for a letter from your child’s teacher for next year which will include more information.

Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming year please feel free to approach your child’s new teacher who will be very happy to help with any queries you may have, alternatively, if you have not met them before please do feel free to introduce yourself and say hello!

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Sincerely,


Rob Bothma