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Whole School Letter

Thursday 8th June 2023

Dear Parents,

The children have started the final half term of the academic year incredibly positively, enjoying being with one another again following the half term break and throwing themselves into their learning.

We have also now finalised our class and staffing structure. We always aim to share these with our families as soon as we possibly can each year and are pleased to now be in a position to be able to do so. Please see our classroom arrangements detailed below:

Classroom Arrangements for 2023/24

Cats Class: Mrs Raybould will be remaining in her current classroom for next year with Reception & Year 1. Mrs Raybould will be supported by Mrs Annis, Mrs Freeman & Mr Ramus.

Year 2: Miss James will be teaching Year 2, with support from Mrs Harrington. Year 2 will move into the classroom currently occupied by Mrs Oates and her Year 5 class.

Years 3&4: Mrs Hunt will be remaining in her current classroom for next year with Years 3 & 4; with support from Mrs Denney & Mrs Brown.

Year 5: Mrs Oates will again be teaching Year 5 and will be supported throughout the week by Mrs Castle. Year 5 will be moving into the room currently occupied by Miss James & Year 2.

Class teachers will of course be in touch with you directly in due course, with specific information for each class which may be helpful for you to know before the end of term. The children will take part in a ‘Moving Up Day’ where they spend the day with the adults and children they will be working with next year in their new classrooms. This takes place on Wednesday 28th June, which is the same day as our soon to be Year 6 children will spend at their Middle Schools. We will also be welcoming our new Reception cohort on this day as part of their transition up to First School. If your child is moving to a new teacher next year, please do come and say hello!


In the meantime, we all look forward to a fantastic term ahead.


Yours Sincerely,


Rob Bothma